La Sicurezza

The offices and the laboratories of Artigrafiche Pagani are equipped with sophisticated systems of alarm against the intrusions, connected directly with the Police department. The accesses and the production units are constantly controlled by C.C. cameras. The structure of the Caveau (C grade), built with the strictest international standards, it establishes an impregnable protection used for the storage of the finished products and for the printing equipment.

Artigrafiche Pagani provides appropriate technical assistance to manage products automatically with dedicated systems, moreover, it guarantees  technical and legal support on security products.

The Laboratory of analysis is able to   check   in order to determine the duration and reliability of our products in the most critical conditions of use. 

The Quality

The quality is guaranteed from the use of machinery of the last generation, and constantly monitored for the entire production process, until package and delivery to the customer. The certifications U.L. (Underwriters Laboratories) and C.S.A. (Canadian Association Standard) guarantees the observance of international quality norms and the respect of the environment.

The Tecnology

The activity of the pre-press unit, is carried out within the production area, and the operators are able to propose and set up with efficiency any kind of graphic solutions. The equipments of highest resolution and the use of systems in Mac and Windows language allow us to communicate in real time and without misunderstandings with our customers.