Achille Pagani started his businnes in 1951, establishing himself immediately thanks to his skills in the art of the production   of manuscripts and miniatures on parchment. He is well versed in the science of the study and the production of historical, calligraphic and authentic documents. Some of his works are part of the artistic collection of the Queen of England, the Vatican and Rizzoli Book shop.



In 1961 Achille Pagani started his business adventure with his company "Achille Pagani Tipografia", a lithographic and paper industry in Cogliate (MI)



In 1971 the company moved in Lazzate (MI) changing name in "Arti Grafiche di Achille Pagani" and developing new technologies in the print field.


In 1994 the company changed in "Artigrafiche Pagani s.r.l.".

Due to its development, the company became well -known in the adhesive labels field for commercial use and the production of and anti-counterfeit labels.

The business success in all countries of the world, confirms the current leadership in the industry, banking and government area.

Innovation, quality, performance and service, is the effective model of the integration in the global market. Artigrafiche Pagani promotes a policy of promotion and cooperation in various countries where it works.